Don's Guaranteed Downline Fitness Club ( DGDFC)

KISS = Keep It Super Simple

Keep Business & Exercise Simple so as to

Guarantee Engagement Daily. 

Success with this Simple Workout

while promoting your GDLC business

Link will guarantee your success with GDLC 

GDLC link (Here)  on 2nd July 2020 

Ask for my 2 to 3 min. videos to see how I do it. 

My modification of the 7 Minutes Workout I have done for over 5 yrs
at home without weights. Free Home Exercise for people who
do not like going to the Gym. I am 78 and feel like when I was 28,
when I was playing Rugby for Kenya Harlequins in Nairobi, Kenya, in the 60's/70's
In addition to Tapping, others workouts available on request are:-
1.Plate on You tube
2.Stomach pump; Spinal roll and breathing
3.Side Bends, Ankles, Knees, Thighs
4.Wrists and fingers.

Thanks to my daughter & teacher

Aileen Gonsalves

1.Tapping  >>

 All these other workouts available on request.
2.Plate on You tube  
3.Stomach pump
4.Spinal roll and breathing  
5.Side BendsAnkles, Knees, Thighs 

6.Wrists and fingers    

GDLC Link  (Here) on 2nd July 2020.