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One of the ways you can adopt in order to avoid becoming a 
casualty of a new scam on the internet is to observe the 

Look for a program that does not cost you anything to join. 

Free registration is usually a sign that the owners of a 
company are so confident in their offer, they are almost 
certain you will fall off your chair when you realize the 

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Free registration

The next clue is equally crucial... 

Once registered, pay particular attention to why and when 
they ask you to open your wallet! At the back of your head, 
you want to find out if the free registration was just a 
ploy to get you in for exploitation. 

The one feature you want to tread with caution is the 
autoship. That is the monthly payment! 

You see.. 

Most companies rely on autoships to keep the lights on and 
pay for their staff. The not-so-popular requirement also 
helps to ward off tyre kickers. 

So, if a company comes along, SAYING 
that they charge NO MONTHLY payments,

that will get my attention!

I would lower my guard and find out more! 

The most obvious question then would be what the company is 
selling. That product better be a good one, or the whole 
thing is going to be a waste of time for everybody! 

I found a company that ticks all the 7 boxes: 
1. Free to join 
2. No monthly autoships 
3. Product solves a growing problem 
4. Customer retention guaranteed 
5. Always in the news for all the right reasons 
6. Plenty of testimonials readily available 
7. A unique opportunity 

Would such a company worth a moment of your time? 

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