Hello Good Life Seeker.
Plan today so as to have a Good Life even after 80 
and NOT follow Esther Rantzen's Plan.
The Secret to a Good life after 80, is doing MLM 
daily in all weather conditions, doing Sitting Home 
Exercise, in Bad weather conditions and playing competitive
Croquet, in Good weather conditions. 
(Association or Golf Croquet) 
(Play Daily in Good weather) Like I do even with competitive
women opponents of over 90.
Click on Live Good Tour below Exercise video 
by Aileen & Don Gonsalves
Plate exercise
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This business was designed to help people
who have never earned any money on the Internet.
If you have earned or are earning more than
$5000 per month Passive income, please do not join
as it will be difficult for you
to focus on helping and creating
Spillover for your downline, like I do.
As of today 5th March 2023.
81,064 Members have joined after me in the Powerline.
I only joined on 23rd Dec 2022, less than 3 months ago.

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Keep It Super Smart

Keep It Super Smart

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There is no reason why a low cost MLM digital product 
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Ask me How to?
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Donald Gonsalves
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GetFitandRich ( UK) London  GetFitandRich  

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davem ( United Kingdom) Bedford   

gage4days ( USA , San Antonio, Texas)  gage4days  

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