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Old School we had to be in the $10,000.00 p.m. Passive Income earners group,

before you were considered a LEADER, like I was in 1989 in the

MLM , L'Arome UK Ltd. NEW SCHOOL MLMers want to be Leaders in 10 days!!! 
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Time to be patient for real success when MakingyourselfGreatAgain  

with NLS7mwo Ask me how? Don Gonsalves




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until you become a Leader too in my 2by2



You are in business for yourself (Own Boss)

but not by yourself.


Entrepreneurs see opportunity in the obstacles.

Their obstacles create innovation!! 


The great thing about Karatbars is that it is not a franchise.

You are the CEO /DIRECTOR and you decide how your

business works.

You are not an employee and need to think like a boss.

If you are not making money with Karatbars the buck stops with you. Karatbars full fill every delivery and pay every commission so they keep their side of the bargain.

You decide who you want to work with, if you build online or offline. If you want to do live meetings, webinars, email or telephone marketing.

If you don't like my systems, training or websites create your own. I won't mind or be offended.  I might learn something!

I've had to find a way to build 100% online even though I've never done this type of sales.

When you don't have a plan B you have to make plan A work.

My "problem" became my strength.

I tried marketing systems, autoresponders, buying leads, email, sms, social media and a million other things that didn't work.. FOR ME. Every time I tried to find a short cut I ended up going back to asking people to watch a presentation.

This is a serious long term business, so like a million dollar franchise it needs a long and detailed explanation to understand the simplicity of the marketing plan and commission structure.


You will find a way that works for you... unfortunately, you will probably find lots of ways that don't work too... The secret is to keep going back to asking people to watch a presentation.

My training is only suggestions based on my experience and what I learn from other successful leaders...ultimately you get to decide what your Karatbars business is like.

Karatbars ==>


Don Gonsalves



Save this Link, you will be glad you did.

It is a lot better than FX or Revshares  or

saving money in a bank even at 10% if you

can find such a bank.

Breaking News First!!

Updated in October 2017




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