Team Building with Evelyn Diaz Lenz


Ask yourself these 3 questions.... 

1. How much does your average customer spend with you per month?

2. How many customers do you have who buy from you every month? 
(Or every quarter or every year - depending on the business)

3. What if you could increase that number by just 5%?

4. How much would that increase your revenue?

To calculate: 

Answer to #2 x .05 x Answer to #1 = ROI on Customer Retention Plan.


1. = $179

2. = 500 

3. = 500 x .05 = 25 people

4. = 25 x $179 = an additional $4475 per month. 

Now, what would that mean to a small business like YOU? 

What if people only buy quarterly or annually? Do the same math but for quarterly or annual sales rather than monthly.

What if it cost you $49 or even $499 per month to send something to all of your customers IN THE MAIL- would it be worth it? 

Do the math! Of course it would! 

And what if you could find that money in your EXISTING Marketing Budget? 

BTW - what is the ROI on what you are CURRENTLY doing?

People spend so much time trying to attract new customers, they forget the true value of making their existing customers happy! 

I am available to explain in more detail on a quick zoom if you need some help.... 


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