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Updated in October 2017





Entrepreneurs see opportunity in the obstacles.

Their obstacles create innovation!! 







Why Stiforp?

Matching Bonuses

As HUGE as the Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are,

our Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!

On top of the $2,047.50 or $8,191.50 per month

that you can earn

in your personal matrix, you also have the ability

to match 50% of the matrix commissions on

everyone you enroll, AND a percentage

everyone those people enroll FIVE ENROLLMENT


regardless of where they fall in your matrix!

Even below the 14th personal pay level.

My  Name is Don Gonsalves,  My Stiforp username is >GetFitnRich2>

 See how I use my skills and tools to help my

downline to make money with Stiforp.

Take a Tour, then ask me questions.