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 Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

When it comes to a people business, it makes

no difference if you invest in a $7000.00 business
or  $700.00 or a $7.00 business. 
The important thing is Supply,
Demand & Profit per sale & Overheads per sale.


What is the Demand for the product you are offering
and what are your Overheads to promote this product.

Discover how you can make thousands of dollars a month
with this simple one time for life $7.00 product
with Zero Overheads. 
NO Monthly Fees. Easy-to-Use.
NO Monthly Fees. Easy-to-Use.

 Imagine Having Your Own Lead Generating System

FREE Forever! with nearly 100% profit !!!

How to get fresh leads every day.
NO Monthly Fees. Easy-to-Use.


Stay Alert & Safe for this life
changing Opportunity.


Learn the Don Gonsalves
method of staying Fit4Life   

Imagine Having Your Own Lead Generating System
FREE Forever! with nearly 100% profit !!!


Tapping Exercise
Side Bend & Twist
Don & Aileen
Plate Exercise


Wrist Hands & Fingers



I do these exercise to keep me Fit & Motivated

to Promote my Income from Home

Secure Business Opportunities.

Check the index & Scroll down to the bottom.

Down, Down, Down, Down  

Thumb Nail of all the Exercises 

By Donald Gonsalves & Aileen Gonsalves 





















Hello Secure Income Seekers,

Even if only 2 people see & join your business.

Use the Covid-19 concept (Exactly like M.L.M.)

to share & spread to thousands like I did in 1989.

Learn & use my Simple Plan; Just 2 will do to build 

a Massive Team of thousands with Pure M.L.M. 

Thank you so much for signing
our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Early next week I will be revealing the New product to you. 


If a paid Biz.is more appealing to you than a Free Biz. 

then be one of the first to be informed of the launch date.

Email Me. >don4gvo@gmail.com

Subject:-Launch Date Please.

To see why I am so different to the other MLMers

just put>> donwins4free & don4help & Don Gonsalves

& >>https://twitter.com/don4gvo

into Google Search.

Stay Alert to Stay Safe until this exciting business

is launched in November 2020

Get on my Small Special List 

Donald Gonsalves









Make Money Even

MME members will have a huge advantage  

Listen to the webinar to confirm my prediction.

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Free Gauranteed Downline Club

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Question from one of my downline.

Hi Don, how can I make a page like this to build WTB + GDLC  
Answer from me
Did your hear of  GDI in 2005? Joel T, Tissa, Brian Bear etc
all made their money in $10.00 GDI then got greedy 
and started their own MLMs & joined high ticket MLMs.

I wish all my downline would ask that question? 
I have used this GDI .ws site daily for the last 15 yrs.
Joined in 2005. Easy to make $200 to $500 a month
without trying too hard. Only $10.00 per month>>>

During the Gold Rush,

it was not the Gold diggers that made

most of the secure money.

It was the Guys in the shops who sold the tools,

re- pick axes & shovels and Gold pans that made

the money.

Have you got this GDI tool to promote

your business opportunities.




>>This is what I use my  GDI  for>>>WebSite Traffic (Hit Logs)
This page counts visitors to each page of your WebSite.
The "Uniq" column counts unique visits: a unique visit is from
an individual IP (usually this means an individual computer).
The "All" column counts all visits, including multiple visits from one IP.
For example: if you have 3 visits in "All", and 1 visit in "Uniq", this means
one computer has loaded that page 3 times. 








The Zero Attrition Guy 


https://video.gvovideo.com/video/507/008TZGOApwDcc6.mp4    <=Click


Click Titles in the Long Index (ON THE SIDE) ,

to discover all about 

Donald  Gonsalves or Don Gonsalves in Facebook

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If you Fail to Plan. You are Planning to Fail 

Plan for 2021 and be ahead of the Rest. There are Three types 

of Affiliate people businesses.

1. Little Attrition ( Few Cancellations & Suspensions)

2. Lots of Attrition   ( Lots of Cancellations & Suspensions)

3. Zero Attrition ( No  Cancellations & Suspensions)

Best is Zero Attrition, because even Little Attrition businesses

end up as lots of attrition business, before they go

out of business.

Best is Zero Attrition and 100 per cent winners. 

Proof of my 30 yrs search for a company to help

my downline to win 

with Affiliate Marketing is in several of my videos

available on request.  

Now a New  Zero Attrition, Affiliate Marketing business

has been launched. 

This is exactly what I have wanted for Family members

and friends. 

You too will be able to make this your Family Business. 

Copy & Paste Links if no response to click.


Why Aileen Gonsalves and Professionals in 2020 

I am using my 30+ yrs experience & success with the 

right ethical Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

to help my daughter & her fellow Actors , etc to do this

as their Plan B,

until a vaccine is found for Corona Virus. Covid-19

Who is Aileen Gonsalves ?

Artistic Director of Butterfly Theatre 


How to Target professionals to work with & for you. 


Thanks for my 35 yrs of M.L.M. experience & success, 

25 yrs offline & 10 yrs online, 

I can make money & help my downline with any MLM 

that has Zero Attrition.

However, I use all my past M.L.Ms which have attrition

as Secondary opportunities to make a little of easy & quick 

money for my Zero Attrition Primary Business. 

I do not like M.L.Ms that suspend & cancel memberships of 

my hard working downline team members, for non payment 

of  their monthly fees. 

( Why do they not build MLMs like MME & MLM Gateway.)

It is so much easier to build a big team and help the downline 

with opportunities where downline never quit, and not suspended 

for non payment of their monthly fees. 

My advice to M.L.M.ers is to look for an ethical M.L.M. with

Zero Attrition. 

( Member for life Opportunities like MME & MLMGateway) 

Have you joined at least one MLM which has Zero Attrition? 


The Zero Attrition Guy



Don Gonsalves

@don4help  ( On Twitter)  

Subject Line:- Help Other People Everyday

Don Gonsalves    <=Click